The Autonomous House

Welcome to Autonomy Homes.

At Autonomy, we take Zero Carbon Homes as a starting point, not a final aspiration and move beyond this benchmark in various areas and in terms of overall sustainable living.

We believe that our New Autonomous Co-housing model, with shared facilities and energy generation, with the potential to combine developer built and self-build affordable housing, will become increasingly popular over the next few years. Indeed the interest and demand is already growing fast.

We are keen to hear from individuals and groups of people who would like to live in Autonomous Homes and in Autonomous Co-housing. When individuals contact us we are happy to link people together to form potential Co-housing groups.

We welcome partnerships with anyone within the housing field and construction industry who shares our values and committment to creating new solutions in zero carbon and sustainable housing including Housing Associations, Local Authorities, Architects and Contractors.

We hope you will keep in touch via this site, the forum, phone and email.