Code for Sustainable Homes

Autonomy Homes offers Code for Sustainable Homes Consultancy, including:
Pre-registration advice and reports
Planning application support where Code for Sustainable homes is required
Registration of your development
Full design review and Code level achievement strategy advice
Guidance on achieving specific ratings
Assessment of your project
Post-construction reviews

Autonomy Homes director Steven Knight is a BRE Licensed assessor for EcoHomes and a specialist in the Code for Sustainable Homes. He has been involved as a BRE Associate in developing and delivering the first courses training the new Code assessors to become qualified assessors.
Please contact Steven to discuss your requirements.

Background to the Code for Sustainable Homes
The Code for Sustainable Homes was launched in April 2007.
The Code for Sustainable Homes (the 'Code') is similar to EcoHomes in being a voluntary code at present, though it will be required for many government funded housing programmes.
It is expected that the Code will become mandatory in the near future and will then effectively form part of the building regulations. It has been developed by the Buildings Research Establishment (BRE), Construction Industry Research and Information Association (CIRIA) and the Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG).

The Code replaced EcoHomes (for new-build in England) as of April 10th 2007. The Code assesses nine major areas of a development including Energy, Water, Materials, Surface Water Run-Off, Waste, Pollution, Health and Well-Being, Management and Ecology. Each home will be assessed individually, which differs from EcoHomes which was a whole site assessment. All dwellings are required to have a Post-Construction Review.

As sustainable development specialists, we are also happy to explore related projects with Registered Social Landlords, Private Developers, contractors and other organisations.