Eco-Village Development

The following definition is from the UK Eco-village Network.

Eco-villages are citizen initiatives to model sustainable, low-impact, human settlements. they are applicable to both rural and urban settings and accessible to all.

Eco-villagers utilise renewable energy technology, ecological building techniques, and human-scale design to reduce exploitation of natural resources, facilitate community self-reliance, and improve quality of life. They are about the creation of new settlements as well as retrofitting existing villages and urban areas.

An eco-village is designed in harmony with its bioregion instead of the landscape being unduly engineered to fit construction plans. By thinking in terms of bioregions, sustainable settlements are planned considering water availability, the ability to grow food, and accessibility.

Many projects use the principles of permaculture for creating integrated, interactive and efficient systems for structural planning, food production and social needs in their community.

Autonomy Homes supports the development of Eco-villages in a number of ways:
Linking to the Eco-village networks to share knowledge
Supporting groups wishing to establish an Eco-village with the following
Site Acquisition
Participatory Design
Community Building
Financial Systems
Project Management

If you are interested in setting up or simply living in an eco-village and need support with any aspect of your development, we would be pleased to hear from you. In some cases we may be able to put you in touch with others with similar aims, through our various networks.