About Us

Autonomy Homes is no ordinary housing development company. We are developers and co-developers, meaning we work closely and co-operatively with clients and the communties where we build, tapping into the best resources and knowledge available.

Our ambition is to build some of the most extraordinary homes the UK has ever seen. Working to the highest quality of design and build to the most advanced environmental specifications possible, we aim to become a benchmark for house building, now and in the future.

Wherever possible, we build autonomous homes, which are capable of operating independently of external energy and water supplies. This is sometimes called 'off-grid' and usually means no water or fuel bills forever. Our developments strive to go 'beyond carbon neutral' by generating surplus energy to supply neighbouring houses and buildings and cars.

We build with reference to the following standards: AECB Gold, Eco-homes Excellent, Passive house, Code for Sustainable Homes - 6 stars. There are no existing standards specifically for autonomous developments.

To achieve this level of excellence we draw on the most committed architects, engineers, ecologists, trades people, craftsmen, project managers and consultants with the most appropriate and best experience available in all the specialist areas required. Everyone who works on our developments is carefully assessed to ensure the necessary attitude, level of skill, understanding of the whole design and commitment to working to the highest quality.

Very few developers in the UK are currently working to these standards.

It is easy to design marketing literature which describes a company and its houses as eco-friendly and sustainable. It is quite another story to design and build exceptional homes to the highest specifications and with minimum environmental impact (or positive impact), which are built to last, flexible and adaptable.

Buying a house from Autonomy Homes or employing us as main contractors or developers is buying into our deep rooted values which guide our actions and define the highest standards, leading to you owning a home which is a pleasure to live in, a sound investment, reduces your ecological footprint and makes a wider contribution to sustainable living.

Our founding director Steven Knight has been committed to social and environmental sustainability for over 20 years.

Autonomy Homes Limited. Company No. 6124903 registered in England.