Autonomous Co-housing

Autonomous Co-housing is the combination of autonomous houses and buildings within a Co-housing development. 

Co-housing is a broad term meaning different things to different people. We are describing a Co-housing development, as one in which everyone has their own house/apartment and there are also shared facilities for common use which may include a community room, workshop, office, laundrette, gym, pool, gardening and other equipment, car club, allotments, bulk buy and many other. The result is better connections with neighbours, increased community spirit and better quality of life.

We are describing an autonomous development as one which has a positive net impact on the local environment, economy and society. It generates all its own electricity and can hopefully supply some surplus to neighbouring buildings/houses. It is sustainable in its fuel use (if it uses wood it replants an equivalent amount). It collects and purifies its own water for drinking, washing and general use. It processes its own waste-water naturally. It grows or sources very locally the vast majority of its food. The provision of shared offices and workshops for rent are to allow people to work 'at home', minimising essential travel, without being isolated.

Lifestyle is one of the most critical issues affecting sustainability and therefore, developing these co-operative communities where strangers can become neighbours - can become friends, helps to build the local relationships essential to a more balanced society.